Monday, July 27, 2009

Fast Heart Mart

We played a show put together by Fast Heart Mart of Albuquerque. They are one of the most inspiring bands that I personally know. A die hard touring band, they get around the country on a VW bus that runs on vegetable oil. They are environmentally conscious, cool, people, and great musicians. They have the vision. They also put us up at their place, where we sat around the camp fire with a few brews, underneath the New Mexico stars, talking music. The other awesome thing about this show: I got to hang out with an old friend who also headlined, Doo Crowder. I used to play in his band, and we've know each other for years from Denver. I knew Doo when I was a budding songwriter back in the day when no-one in their early twenties and thirties were into the indie-americana thing, when the un-named pioneers of this music still walked the street into the oblivious darkness with only a dim street lamp here and there to illuminate the situation, clinging to cult heroe legends who had gone before us. Doo is one of the most un-recognized great songwriters around these days. If you catch one of his shows, he's doing this crazy electronic loop set, his brilliant songwriting intact, and his stage presence glowing like never before. Doo Crowder is certainly a diamond in the rough! Well, we all sat around the campfire, and had a great night, and slept undeneath the stars. The next day it was a hospitable New Mexican breakfast, a walk along the Rio Grande, and back on the road... this time to Santa Fe. Here are some shots of Fast Heart Mart.

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