Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Upside Down Crucifix Outside The Trunk Space

This Crucifix stood upright when we arrived, and then upside down when we left, all the while oddly out of place up against a building an a busy blvd.

The Phoenix Show @ The Trunk Space w/ The Psuedo Dates

This will go down as a good show! We played our set, sang our hearts out, and were well received! In these pictures, The Pseudo Dates, who are from Denver, and have some mutual friends as me, are tearing it up... even though you don't see me in the pictures, I promise you I am dancing my guts out, having a grand old time! The Pseudo Dates really know how to put on a show!

On the Road Again to Phoenix for the Next Show

Just walkin' the straight and narrow. Staying on the path, and one foot in front of the next.

San Xavier del Bac Mission "The White Dove of the Desert"

Still in Tucson, there is this unfinished church, glistening white in the desert. I have to share some of the images from it, being so beautiful and mystical. It embodies the spirit of the South-West!

The Hotel Congress in Tucson, & Other Cool Spots

We stayed in the Hotel Congress in Tucson. We would have like to have played in the Hotel Congress in Tucson. We almost did, opening up for Ben Kweller, but it never materialized. It's still cool to stay there, though. The Hotel has a lot of mystique! The next morning we explored the hotel, including the venue area that has an interesting steel border of black with the number "13" welded into it, and the Latin phrase, "Musica delenit bestiam feram". Having studied my fair share of Latin, later at the epic, Epic Cafe, I was unable to refrain from getting out my old trusty Latin dictionary to translate (yes I carry it with me on tour): "Music caresses/soothes the untamed beast". "Music" may also be translated as any of "the arts". And while hanging out at the Epic Cafe in Tucson, I made friends with this fellow, Zachary, who wanted to show me a mural on the side of the cafe with the exact same sentiment. The elephant is the beast, and the the boy reading the book, represents the art. Zachary, a very cool guy, had many interesting things to say about the current state of affairs, especially in the way of ethics in the agricultural industry. He also is a poet, and a jeweler, and had some great recommendations on seeing some 15th century Spanish religious art at the University.

The Red Room in Tucson

An hour outside of Tucson the car acts up. The acceleration sputters at 65, then at 55, then at 45, accompanied with the hazards on the highway in a 75. Well, we've made it all this way, we are going to get into Tucson before we stop this thing. These are my thoughts anyway. We do get into Tucson, into some seedy neighborhood. We discover a loose spark plug, and the problem is fixed. But check in time for the show is pending, and we haven't had a chance to map-quest the location. We decide to just roll into downton Tucson, and to our luck and surprise, we make a couple of right turns, and poof, there's the venue. Turns out we aren't late anyway, and the show doesn't start for bit. We head in, clean-up, calm-down, have a great meal, some coffee, and begin setting up. We have a great show, and jam a bit with the second act (Jimmy and Johnny) between sets, and then again, I played with the last act (Michael) on the saloon type horribly out of tune piano, towards the end of the night.


Tucson... a very cool place. You feel like you are in the South-West here. The Cacti are visible, the sky is big and blue, and the art along the roads prove the remaining doubt. Here is an example.

Leaving L.A.

L.A... The City of Angels. Well, we hung out with one and stayed at her place. Andrea is her name. We listened to classic records of Edith Piaf, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson. Such a treat to listen to great songs on record!!! We lounged around, she painted a bit, I played "Some-one to Watch Over Me" on the guitar, and all in all, worse nights are had! Andrea has her place decorated with a South-West flavor, complete with cowboy boots in the corner, and cactus horizon's for light-switch plates, and even a Sacred Heart and a Madonna placed here or there. A nice hint of things to come! In this picture we leave L.A. on a cloudy morning.

Leaving S.F. and Hitting The Road to L.A.

The shot of leaving S.F. is on the Bay Bridge. I just happened to catch this sign. It's random, and I find it a bit funny. The other shot is of the Lost Highway, in this case heading down to the City of Angels.

A Night & A Day in San Francisco

Look, all things being perfect, I would have included a West Coast leg on this tour, and alas, all things are not. One of my many hats includes booking the shows. Boiling down to a timing issue, our tour picks up in Tucson, AR. In more ideal conditions, I would have the circumstances to only focus on making the music, but I've heard or read that even Mr. Mozart, himself, did much of his own administrative work, down to booking the venue, organizing the musicians, rehearsing with them, printing tickets, selling them, et cetera. At least I have the internet to assist! And the venues do manage their own affairs most of the time! Here we are in S.F. with some friends of ours at a nice little cafe down off of 19th and Valencia called, aptly enough, Valencia's. San Francisco is always a nice town to visit, and maybe we'll be playing it on our Fall tour!
In the picture with me are my friends Matt and Brie. They are a great couple!!! Matt & I are no strangers to making music together, and even had a chance to do it like we used to, with him pounding the drums, and me strumming the guitar! Anja even joined in on a song or two with her cello! In the picture with Anja is Michelle, a long time music friend of Anja's. Tour's are good for catching up and re-connecting!!!

Summer Solstice in Port Townsend Washington

Playing Port Townsend proved interesting, to be sure. It seems a lot of our crowd consisted of the locals hanging out, and a few of the many tourists who flock to Port Townsend for their unique attractions, along with, of course, our dear devoted fans. This was one of the longest shows I think I may have ever played... something in the likes of a marathon. Not sharing the bill with any other bands, and playing a happy hour set as well as a main show set, we totaled about 4hrs of playing solid music!!! None the less, the show came off without a hitch, and we had a good time playing it! At the end of the night, though, Ryan, informed me that Anja and I would be left to venture out on tour on our own, since he had a personal obligation that weighed more important. Saddened, the show must go on!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ethan J Perry & The Poets Row

Hello Readers,

My first blog begins with the exciting news that I am now playing with a band. We are called, Ethan J Perry & The Poets Row, named after my debut album, "The Bohemian Bitch & Other Songs From Poets Row." We just had our first public performance billed under this name at a farmer's market on beautiful Bainbridge Island. We had a lot of fun. Let me introduce you to the members of my band. First, Anja-Claire McElvaney, an ethereal vocalist, and fine cellist. She has the ability to entrance!!! And, Ryan P. Giffin, who plays a mean lap-steel, guitar, and also sings to boot!!! Both a songwriters in their own regard, and I am blessed to be playing with them! We have a CD release show for my debut album, "The Bohemian Bitch & Other Songs From Poets Row", coming up here in a few days on June 13th at Pegasus Coffee House, which is also on Bainbridge Island. After that, we are playing a week later at the Uptown Pub in Port Townsend, one of the coolest towns in the Puget Sound area, and then we are embarking on a two month long tour through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, and back to the Seattle area. There will be many more blogs to come, pictures and a plethora of things to write about, so stay tuned!!! Above are some shots from the Farmer's Market by talented photographer, Jay Trinidad (, who incidentally suggested to me to start a blog, documenting the upcoming tour, and other music related things about the band and I, and to just simply let you know a bit more about me, my music, and who I make it with, music I mean... um, so come back soon!