Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Night & A Day in San Francisco

Look, all things being perfect, I would have included a West Coast leg on this tour, and alas, all things are not. One of my many hats includes booking the shows. Boiling down to a timing issue, our tour picks up in Tucson, AR. In more ideal conditions, I would have the circumstances to only focus on making the music, but I've heard or read that even Mr. Mozart, himself, did much of his own administrative work, down to booking the venue, organizing the musicians, rehearsing with them, printing tickets, selling them, et cetera. At least I have the internet to assist! And the venues do manage their own affairs most of the time! Here we are in S.F. with some friends of ours at a nice little cafe down off of 19th and Valencia called, aptly enough, Valencia's. San Francisco is always a nice town to visit, and maybe we'll be playing it on our Fall tour!
In the picture with me are my friends Matt and Brie. They are a great couple!!! Matt & I are no strangers to making music together, and even had a chance to do it like we used to, with him pounding the drums, and me strumming the guitar! Anja even joined in on a song or two with her cello! In the picture with Anja is Michelle, a long time music friend of Anja's. Tour's are good for catching up and re-connecting!!!

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