Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Red Room in Tucson

An hour outside of Tucson the car acts up. The acceleration sputters at 65, then at 55, then at 45, accompanied with the hazards on the highway in a 75. Well, we've made it all this way, we are going to get into Tucson before we stop this thing. These are my thoughts anyway. We do get into Tucson, into some seedy neighborhood. We discover a loose spark plug, and the problem is fixed. But check in time for the show is pending, and we haven't had a chance to map-quest the location. We decide to just roll into downton Tucson, and to our luck and surprise, we make a couple of right turns, and poof, there's the venue. Turns out we aren't late anyway, and the show doesn't start for bit. We head in, clean-up, calm-down, have a great meal, some coffee, and begin setting up. We have a great show, and jam a bit with the second act (Jimmy and Johnny) between sets, and then again, I played with the last act (Michael) on the saloon type horribly out of tune piano, towards the end of the night.

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