Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Meadowlark Show Is A Highlight, To Be Sure!!! We had the honor of sharing the stage with this fellow, Mr. David Dondaro.

           We shared the bill with this guy, Dave Dondero.  In my ignorance, I had never heard of him before, and so was lost to my wonder, watching everybody kiss his ass all night.  The fellow who ran the night even came up to me at the end of the night to see if we would give our meager $40 earnings to Mr. Dondero, to his honor and assistance, touring the country.  We needed our $40 to get to Cheyenne for our own gig the next night, so I declined, and wondered who the hell was this guy, Mr. Dondero.  I also wondered at the balls of asking us to cough up our such tiny earnings.
            Well, a few nights later, in Bozeman, Mt, where we were scheduled to do two shows, I was surfing the internet in some off time, and came a across an interview of Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes.  And to my astonishment of the coincidence of the thing, at the end of the interview, Conor Oberst paid tribute to some of his early influences, the ones that inspired him to first start playing shows!  "If you get the chance, go see Dave Dondero play," Conor implored!  Ahh!  I got it.  We shared the stage with one of Conor Oberst first influences and I was none the wiser in the moment of the thing.  I felt foolish, to say the least, and I also felt and excitement and an honor to be woven into the fabric of the music world, however small our thread was!

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