Tuesday, April 3, 2012

O Frondens Virga; Turning Over a New Leaf

Ethan J Perry here.  I am forging ahead, still working with a band under the title of the Wild Hearts.  The band is made up of two new members, most recently, Cody Narte, on bass, and Chris Hurlow, on Percussion.  That makes three:  Ethan J Perry, Cody Narte, & Chris Hurlow, making up Ethan J Perry & The Wild Hearts.  We are happy to announce work on my third studio album, first for the Wild Hearts!  We are working with Bret Alain Phillips at his studio, Wax Poetic Studios.  Scroll down to get a gander at the new Wild Hearts, Bret, & his studio.  Click on the Wax Poetic logo (the bottom picture of the ones of Bret & his studio), given you are interested in learning more about the studio, as a musician, or even simply out of curiosity.  On the Wax Poetic site you'll find out a lot more about Bret, who is a formidable musician, singer-songwriter, engineer, and producer!  It feels like new things are beginning and taking hold!  The ice is breaking.  The new leaf emerging.  We, as in Ethan J Perry & The Wild Hearts, are in the process of putting together another tour, or two or three, or more (?).  So hopefully we'll be in your town sooner than later.  'Til next time...

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